FIREBALLS  - A History of  Meteors and other Atmospheric Phenomena
Welcome to my website. People have been looking up at the sky for thousands, if not millions of years. Until just recently, the heavens, and everything contained therein were a big mystery. Humans attempted to explain this mystery using whatever primitive means they had at their disposal. The sky was the big unknown. It was a mystical and enigmatic place where the gods dwelled. It was a region sometimes revered, sometimes feared, but always beckoning to be understood. Even today when we look up at the sky we awed by its majestic wonders, and the vastness of its seemingly endless reach.
Sometime in the first century A.D. Pliny the Elder described one strange heavenly body as "A flame of bloody appearance." Until recent times comets, meteors and even terrestrial flames that issued from the Earth were confused with one another. Their nature could only be surmised through a mixture of guesswork and tradition. Indeed, it wasn't until the first decade of the nineteenth century that it was proven beyond all doubt that stones falling from the sky originated in outer space.
This will focus on the myths, legends and the history of fireballs. Not only the otherworldly visitors like meteors and comets, but the ones created right here on our own planet like the Fire of St. Elmo and the mysterious light known as Will-o'-the Wisp. I will be updating this website as time permits.
Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!
Craig R. Hipkins
Dallas, North Carolina
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